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Just 'Fur' Fun, A DIY Project

Hi beauties!

I hope you're all getting in the Christmas spirit, because I'm tellin' you...I am SO READY.  It's gotten to be pretty cold here in Nashville, and being a Northern girl, the cold just puts me in the Christmas spirit. Now if we could just get it to SNOW here...

Anyways, while Caleb and I were in Missouri celebrating Thanksgiving with his family...the boys watched football and the girls crafted our lives away.  Caleb's mom Darla is extremely creative and she's always saying, "Honey don't buy that, we can MAKE that!" she, myself and my sister-in-law Charis, set out to make our own fur scarves.  I've been seeing them everywhere online, especially Pinterest and honestly, I haven't seen many places that actually sell them.  So with Darla's crafty expertise, and Charis and I's help, we kinda nailed these, and I'm pretty sure you'll be as obsessed as we are!  Charis and I modeled two of our finished products and two of the different fur patterns.  Also, she's a good sport because I made her stand out in the rain for this shot :)

My sister is stunning.

My sister is stunning.

I also made Caleb drive to one of my favorite neighborhoods here in Nashville and shoot a couple of myself in the other scarf design...

And the best part is, it cost under $10 to make, and I'm going to teach you how.  These make incredible Christmas gifts for friends or family, and this year I'm really into handmade gifts goes nothin!


Here's what you'll need:

  • 1/2 yard of fur fabric - 60" wide
  • scissors
  • measuring tape
  • thread
  • sewing machine
  • straight pins




Here's how:

Step 1 - Measure out the length you desire for your scarf, bearing in mind it must be able to pull over your head.  Our measured 36 1/2" long.  Cut the fabric to desired length.

Step 2 - Fold inside out, length-wise and pin the edges together.  Next, sew the edges together.  Important:  Begin sewing 4" from the top of the fabric and leave 4" at the bottom as well. 

Step 3 - Now that the edges are sewn together, turn the scarf right side out once again.  

Step 4 - Now, the tricky part. Match up the ends of the scarf, and carefully sew them together on the inside part of the fabric, leaving a small opening to be able to turn the scarf right side out.

Step 5 - Turn the part that you just sewed right side out.  Now you have only a small opening left that isn't stitched together.  Using a need and thread, turn the open ends in about an inch, and hand stitch the opening shut.

And that's literally it!! You're done! And you have yourself a beautiful fur scarf that people will be swooning over!  Again, these make fantastic Christmas presents AND you get to brag that you made it yourself!  Happy sewing and happy gifting!  And don't forget to let me know if you try this out!  

Merry Christmas season everybody!



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10 Best Cyber Monday {Fashion} Deals!

Hi everybody!!

I hope you each had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday with your family and friends!  I had a great time spending Thanksgiving with my husband and his family this was chock full of food, crafts, Farkle (a ridiculous dice game) and football. This is the first year in probably the last 4 or 5 that I actually didn't go brave the mall on Black Friday...BUT.  The best part is that I can pretty much get the same (maybe even better) deals on Cyber Monday and shop from my couch with hot tea in hand.  And, that might be...MIGHT, be better than going out in the middle of the night on Thanksgiving night...although it'll never beat the experience of getting plowed over by other human beings that all want the same pair of slippers from Macy's at 3am. 

Anyways, I've done a bit of research on some of my favorite Cyber Monday fashion finds that I think you ladies will want to know about!!

1.  Free People is having a giant Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale with deals up to 50% off their "most loved styles"! It includes dresses, shoes, tops and sweaters that I'm swooning over!

2. Lizard Thicket's Cyber Monday sales will begin Sunday night at 6:00pm.  The first 100 people in line at any location will score a LT Swag Bag, full of surprise gifts and coupons to shop with!  Select gift bags will include Yeti Ramblers, and gift cards valuing $25, $50, and $100!! 

3.  TopShop is one of my favorite places to shop when I visit other cities that have one (we don't here in Nashville!).  Their Black Friday sale is 5 DAYS long and you will get up to 50% off selected styles.  There's tons to choose from and it's always free shipping and free returns.  Amazing deal!!

4.  ALDO is one of my most visited shoe's usually pretty affordable anyways, but WAIT until you hear about their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales! They are having a HUGE sale that includes 50% of ALL original styles, and there's over 1,000 to choose from!! If you're a boot lover like me and can never have enough pairs, then hustle to ALDO to pick up a pair at 50% off!

5.  Target is having a storewide sale on Cyber Monday that includes 15% off of everything...there are certain restrictions, so make sure the read the fine print, but 15% off the majority of the store is a pretty amazing deal!  You can find almost everything you could need or want at Target!

6.  Forever 21 is one of my absolute favorite stores and I'm not even ashamed to admit that.  They always have SO much stuff, sometimes an overwhelming amount of stuff, but the just absolutely can't beat.  I can't walk into Forever 21 and come out empty handed.  This Cyber Monday, all outwear and sweaters will be 50% off PLUS free shipping on any orders over $30.  Go get em!!

7.  LuLu's, I've never actually ordered anything from this site myself, BUT I've shopped on their website and gotten inspiration on so many cute outfits.  This might be one of the best Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals I've seen yet.  Lulu's is extending up to 90% OFF...yes, I typed that right, up to 90 PERCENT off site-wide through Monday!! Shop away, my little shopaholics.

8.  Nordstrom is having quite the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale...they're offering an ADDITIONAL 25% off selected sale you're basically getting these items on clearance!! Their online store is chock full of deals you won't want to miss!  Great for Christmas gifts for the family too!

9.  H&M has to be one of my favorite places on earth.  They ALWAYS have amazing deals, whether it's a holiday or not.  Their deals right now though, are absolutely ridiculous! They have select items that start at $4.99 and the best part, you can get ALL the deals from your house, and you don't even have to pay shipping on orders over $50...just use the code 3247.

10.  American Apparel is having a huge Cyber Monday party! They're offering 35% off of EVERYTHING!! Amazingggggg.

So for those of you that didn't get out into the craziness and chaos of Black Friday, don't worry!! There are endless Cyber Monday deals to check out for all the best fashion steals!  Again, these are just a few of MY favorites, and some of my most frequented stores both in person and online. I hope this helps take some of the pressure of Christmas shopping off too! Happy shopping!!



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